About Us

Screenshot_2016-07-16-13-17-29FIT NHB Fight gym is a full service instructional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) facility for all ages and skill levels. We are dedicated to helping every student reach their goal, whether it be fitness, self defense, or competition. Our program breaks down the individual disciplines of Boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, and submission grappling with the ultimate goal of integrating striking and grappling a.k.a. mixed martial arts (MMA). Benefits include strength & cardio conditioning, flexibility, weight loss, and increased self confidence through fight training.

For those striving to be competitive, we develop both amateur and professional competitors in all disciplines. The FIT NHB fight team is recognized both nationally and internationally, and we are home to three World Champions and numerous regional champions. We are also the premiere fight promoters in New Mexico, hosting four separate events that provide an avenue for local competition. (Battleground Fights, Wildside Amateur Combat Sports, FightWorld MMA, King of Cage).