Our Team

Coach Tom Vaughn

* Competitive wrestler (6 yrs)
* Black Belt Kenpo Karate
* One of the first 3 Black Belts at Jackson’s Gaidojutsu
* Co-Owner of FIT NHB Fight Gym
* Muay Thai trained
* Head coach for all FIT NHB competitors and Power MMA & Fitness MMA Fight Team
* Manager / trainer of all FIT NHB competitors (including, but not limited to) 4x WEC Champion Carlos Condit; KOTC, ROF, HCF champion Thomas Schulte; 2x KOTC Bantamweight champion Donald Sanchez; UFC Lightweight Tim Means, FCF Bantamweight champion Joe Coca; FCF, MCC champion Mike Maestas (RIP); FWMMA 145 lb champion Gerald Lovato; FWMMA 145 lb champion Gerald Sedillo, and more……..
* Veteran MMA coach and manager

Coach Arlene Sanchez

* Started fight training 1981
* Trained by World re known Kickboxing trainer – 2 x trainer of the year Bill Packer
* Member of Bill Packer’s original “Bad Company” fight team (over 100 world rated fighters)
* NM and AZ amateur kickboxing champion ( 2 yrs )
* Turned professional fighter in 1984
* PKA / PKC #1 contender
* WKA / WKC US Champion
* IKKC #1 contender
* KICK #1 contender
* ISKA #1 contender in 2 wt divisions
* Soldier in the US Army
* Co-Owner of FIT NHB Fight Gym
* Striking coaching for all FIT NHB competitors (including, but not limited to) – WEC Champion Carlos Condit, KOTC Bantamweight Champion Donald Sanchez, KOTC Jr Welterweight Champion Tim Means and more…

Coach Thomas Schulte

* Competitive wrestling experience
* Grappler’s Quest Champion
* King of the Cage Lightweight Champion
* Ring of Fire Welterweight Champion
* Hardcore Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion








Wrestling Coach Jon Judy

Jon has been involved with the sport of wrestling for over 20 years, both as a competitor and a coach. His own wrestling career has seen him have success at the state, national and international levels where he has had the opportunity to wrestle some of the best athletes the sport has to offer. As a wrestler, Jon’s strength lies in his takedown skills where he has developed solid throws and shots to effectively put his opponents on the ground.

He is most proud of his accomplishments as a coach where he has helped to coach multiple state champions and several All-American’s from Wyoming and New Mexico ranging from junior wrestling through high school. Jon has not only had success producing individual champions, but has also been a part of coaching staffs who have produced District and State championship teams in all three styles of wrestling (Collegiate, Freestyle and Greco-Roman).