A letter from Tom Vaughn, New Mexico WildBunch Head Coach

A letter from Tom Vaughn, New Mexico WildBunch Head Coach

As we start a new year, we should always reflect on what we have and what we’re thankful for. One thing is certain, we are among the best mixed martial arts teams in the world and I’m thankful for an amazing 2015 for FIT NHB and the New Mexico WildBunch. FIT NHB has always produced world class Mixed Martial Arts fighters and top-level management solutions since 1998. This past August, FIT NHB’s most elite and dedicated fight team members applied for the honor to represent the future of New Mexico Mixed Martial Arts, the New Mexico WildBunch was born.

Since the WildBunch’s format inception, the professional fight team has really come together in terms of comradery, commitment, work ethic, and excitement. This has translated into some of our most impressive performances in the cage yet. As a whole, the NMWB MMA pro record in 2015 was 25-6-0, reflecting an 80% win percentage, including going 5-1-0 in the UFC (the sport’s highest stage) with three of those wins earning Performance of the Night bonuses. Even better, since implementing our NMWB team training structure and regimen, the team’s record has improved to 11-1-0 or 91.7%! We’re just getting started.

We are extremely excited and proud to announce our first official team sponsor, Damage Control. Damage Control Mouthguards has had a longstanding relations with FIT NHB so it seems fitting Damage Control Mouthguards will be the exclusive mouth guard of the New Mexico Wildbunch. We would like to thank Delano and his team for his continued support. We also look forward to establishing many more partnerships with local businesses that are ready to support New Mexico’s economy.

The New Mexico WildBunch staff will continue to focus on producing quality over quantity at FIT NHB Fight Gym; the primary difference between us and the rest…we are building New Mexico STRONG by training homegrown fighters, who are committed to the Southwest.

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