A Letter from Tom Vaughn

“We’ve selected our hardest worker and top prospects to be on our new elite fight team, ‘The New Mexico Wildbunch’. All fighters went through a tryout period and selected by evaluation. Once on the team they will be required to maintain specific training regimen and follow a code of conduct. Members of this elite team will receive sponsorship perks and the pride of knowing that no one else can carry the name without doing what they have done. Fighters that cannot follow the program will be cut from the team. We will only sign a limited number of athletes so we can maintain our high standards and quality.

Over the next month we will one by one release the names of the athletes we are starting our roster with. There will also be a small number of spots for fighters to try out for this team. This is the future of MMA development…

Welcome Spargo, the NM Wild mouthpiece. Dave Spargo is a NM entrepreneur and former fighter on our team. Spargo will be the spokesman for the team and an intregal part of our news and media development.”

Tom Vaughn