FitKidz News

February Student of the Month

For the month of January our FIT KID “Student of the Month” is awarded to Marcell. This gifted child has been a standout since first starting the FIT KIDZ program. His love for the sport shows in his rapid advancement and hard work. Marcell is a natural competitor. To see a child having fun…enjoying every class brings smiles to all of our FIT KIDZ coaching staff. Congratulations Marcell


The Student of the month for January is awarded to Anthony Maes! Anthony has shown the ability to over come many challenges. His continuing improvement and hard work are reflecting in his technical martial arts skills. Anthony has the heart of a champion and truly gives us the meaning of “Never give up!” Congratulations Anthony!


This month our FIT KID student of the month has been awarded to 10 year old Antonio Lueras. Antonio has been training for over a year but recently competed for the first time at the South West Grapple Fest III in Rio Rancho. The tournament brought out the competitive spirit in Antonio that we have never seen in him. He did a great job in the tournament and we look forward to seeing Antonio excel in future competitions! Congratulations Antonio, keep up the hard work!!!


FIT NHB Fight Gym would like to extend a well deserved congratulations to all of our FIT KIDZ who participated in the Southwest Grapplefest III held on March 27th, 2010. Results are as follows:
Johnny Ramirez finished in 2nd place in Youth Advanced 65-85 lbs.
Nicole Chavez finished in 3rd place in Youth Advanced 65-85 lbs.
Alejandro Gutierrez finished in 1st place in Kids Beginner 55-65 lbs
Marcus Torres finished in 1st place in Kids Beginner 60-80 lbs.
Damyon Richardson finished in 1st place in Kids Advanced 80-125 lbs.
2nd place in Teen Advanced 80-90 lbs.
Antonio Lueras finished in 5th place in Kids Beginner 70-85 lbs.
Shane Martinez had an excellent showing in the Youth Advanced 65-85 lbs.


Nicole Chavez has been training with the FIT KIDZ MMA program for over a Year. Nicole has an intensity about her that we don’t see in many students. Her focus and determination has made her excel faster then an average student and she is a true competitor. In my opinion she has the makings of a champion and it is an honor to coach and mentor this star athlete. Thanks Nicky for all of your hard work and congratulations on being FIT NHB’s FIT KID for the month of February!!


9 year old Orlando Carlo has shown the makings of a competitor. His positive attitude and constant improvement has made him this months standout. We are proud to award Orlando “The Student of the Month” for the month of January. Keep up the hard work Orlando!

Alicia “Cha Cha” Maes is the smallest kid on the team but shows no fear grappling against the biggest kids in class. Her aggressiveness and focus has made her a FIT KIDZ standout for the month of December. Her smile throughout training makes her delight to work with. Great Job Cha Cha!


8 year old Alejandro “Hondo” Guiterrez will be competing in a boxing match on the Friday Night Fights Smoker November 13th, 2009 to be held at the FIT NHB Fight Gym. Hondo has been a standout Fit Kid, with natural athletic abilities and the desire to compete since he started training with the Fit Kidz Team less than 3 months ago. He will be facing Maliki Sanchez at 65lbs. He has been training extra hard to ensure a great fun performance. We all want to wish him luck for his first boxing match. Please show your support! The Fit Kidz are the next generation of mixed martial artist who are helping the sport evolve into the athletes of tomorrow.

Over the past few years the FIT KIDZ Mixed Martial Arts program has seen many children gain confidence and courage through Martial Arts training. Our team motto is FIT KIDZ “Never Give Up!” and the fighting spirit shows with thier hard work and determination. Our team stand outs are beginning to show interest in competing. After carefully evaluating our top students we will be choosing competitors to compete at The “Friday Night Fights” November 13th at the FIT NHB Fight Gym. We will be releasing the the names of the match ups in the next coming weeks. Check back soon for updates.


Shane Martinez proved that hard work, practice, and following the FIT KIDZ motto to “never give up!” pays off in the end. In September Shane competed at The Southwest Grapple Fest in Rio Rancho and captured a gold medal in his division, submitting all of his opponent. Shane has been awarded the “Student of the Month” for October . Congratulations Shane !!!